I love my family, but they sometimes confuse me terribly. My sister is the worse one, and she knows it. She is the least serious person in the world, yet she always brings home boyfriends who have never smiled in their lives. They move ponderously, tend to be deep thinkers, and run at the thought of spontaneity. Amazingly, they’re all completely enthralled by her.

My mother emailed me last week to let me know it was time to meet a new boyfriend, and I politely declined. The next day, my father called to inform me being absent was not an option. He said my sister had found the man of her dreams, and she was ready to settle down. Having heard this at least a dozen times, I also knew my absence would be held against me. I agreed, and I even brought some flowers for the dining room.

At first glance, this man seemed no different than all the others. He was a large man, a deliberate mover and he never smiled at anything as we had drinks. When it was time to sit down to dinner, he held the chair for my mother and my sister. He was a perfect gentleman like all the others, but there was a huge change in my sister. I couldn’t figure it out until dessert was served.

When my mother put cake on the table, my sister and her new boyfriend began to laugh. This was startling, and we waited patiently for an explanation. It seems my sister met him when she dropped a cake on him at the local bakery. He told her it was no big deal, and then he sent her the cleaning bill with a note saying it would be paid in full if she had dinner with him. It turns out he does have a sense of humor, so I hope she married this one.